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Heat Pump Maximizer (Patent # 6.176.306)
Patent # 6.176.306

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Tired of your heat pump failing to produce heat while succeeding in producing higher heating bills? Check out our MAXIMIZER below, or check out our all new air source/ground source geothermal Ground Hog and our Atlas Solar Heat Pump System

---The heat pump MAXIMIZER puts an end to the term "cold heat" - a term too often used to describe heat pumps. The MAXIMIZER gives heat pumps the ability to engage their auxiliary heat in the most economical manner possible. The end result is a warmer home with a lower utility bill. The device saves even more energy for programmable thermostat users by eliminating unnecessary engagement of the strip heat during temperature recovery periods.

How the MAXIMIZER Works

---The MAXIMIZER uses temperature sensors combined with a simple method of calculation to determine exactly how much heat is being produced by your heat pump. The device contains two probes that are installed inside your heat pump's interior unit. One probe measures the temperature of the air in the house. The other probe measures the heated air flowing in the supply duct. A comparator circuit then decides when to engage the back up heat to deliver the most economical balance of comfort and efficiency.

---The MAXIMIZER is an easy five minute installation for most heating contractors. Its common sense design and patented temperature comparing relay make it one of the greatest contributions to heat pump technology.

What our Customers are Saying...

---"Typically heat pumps have a reputation of giving off cool heat. However, this is not the case with my unit since I had your heat pump maximizer installed. The unit has proven to be more than exceptional and I enjoy a warmer heat for less money. I have already realized enough savings in my monthly utility bill to more than recoup my cost."
A. Rodriguez; Woodbridge, VA

---"We want to thank you for introducing us to 'The Maximizer'. Having the Maximizer installed in our home has made our heating system much more efficient and has lowered our heating bills. Most importantly, however, the Maximizer has made our home consistently more comfortable during the cold winter months. During the colder months, we no longer get the feeling that our heating unit is just circulating cold air. The house is always warm and comfortable. The Maximizer has been a worthwhile investment in comfort for our family."
- C.J.; Haymarket, VA

---"As to the Heat Pump Maximizer, I do recommend it for anyone that wants to save electricity. My records show that you installed it in January 1999. My house has approximately 3756 sq. ft. with 5 bedrooms, 5 people, 2 males, and 3 females. We've owned the house since April, 1994. My electric heating bills I've looked at from 1996 to present. It appears to me that my bills have decreased approx. $300.00. I believe $400 is a goal I can reach if my kids turn the lights, TV, radios and hot showers off."
- J. Meier; Stafford, VA

---"Regarding the Maximizer, being an engineer and always wanting to cut costs and maximize efficiency, the Maximizer is a wonderful device. The house that we built in Southwest Virginia is approximately 7000 sq. ft. with 3 zone heating and air: a total of 10.5 tons of air. The house is all-electric and so we have heat pumps rather than furnaces. Last year, at the height of the winter and when we had 19 guests in our house, our electric bills were less than they were when we lived in Centreville through mild winters. Our electric bill was just over $300 for the month of December. We believe the Maximizer is a large part of why our electric bills are so reasonable. Thank you for recommending the Maximizer and for your help."
- C. Davis; Moneta,VA

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