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Heat Pump Maximizer (Patent # 6.176.306)
Patent # 6.176.306

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How a Heat Pump Works | Alternative Solutions | How MAXIMIZER Works | Easy Installation

How It Works

---The Maximizer's patented technology uses a temperature comparing relay to determine the exact amount of heat produced by your heat pump. Two sensor probes are installed in the heat pump's interior unit. One probe measures the room air temperature entering the heat pump's primary heating coil while the other measures the air temperature leaving the coil. This unique method of calculation lets the Maximizer know when to effectively engage the system's auxiliary heat. The results are less running time for the outdoor unit, reduced short cycling of the auxiliary heat and a warmer home.

We Looked At Alternatives

---Some heat pump installations involve an adjustable outdoor thermostat to engage the auxiliary heat. The problem is there are differences as to what outdoor temperature each heat pump may require auxiliary heat. Unlike the Maximizer, the outdoor thermostat cannot determine those differences independently. Other devices use a supply air sensor to maintain a constant warm air disbursement, but they lack the ability to engage the auxiliary heat at the most economical level.

---Most wall thermostats engage the auxiliary heat by using a secondary sensor or mercury switch located in the thermostat itself. Most of these thermostats engage the heat pump, or 1st stage heat, when the room temperature drops 1 degree below the the desired temperature and will not engage the auxiliary heat until the room temperature falls another 2 degrees below that. This often results in excessive operating time and lack of indoor comfort.


---The Maximizer is energized at each heat pump start up and will monitor the system's performance for a period of five minutes before determining whether or not the auxiliary heat is needed. This allows the heat pump system enough time to establish a reasonable differential across the coil and prevents premature engagement of the auxiliary heat. The Maximizer will engage the auxiliary heat only if the temperature differential falls below the set point determined by it's logic circuits.

---In the event of a compressor failure or most other system malfunctions, the Maximizer is designed to render itself neutral. This will, hopefully, prevent a false sense of security and allow repairs to be made in a more timely manner minimizing the loss of efficiency.

Easy Install for the Trained Professional

  1. Mounting - The Maximizer will magnetically adhere to an air handler, plenum or any metal surface. It can be mounted either inside the furnace or outside using a protective plastic cover with only two screws to secure.
  2. Blue Sensor-Installed in the return air duct preceding the indoor coil.
  3. Red Sensor-Installed in the air handler at least four inches after the indoor coil, but preceding the heater elements
  4. 24volt Wiring-(inside air handler)
  1. Yellow wire should be joined with yellow wire of the typical Heat Pump thermostat
  2. Blue wire should be joined with the common side of the 24v transformer (typically with other blue wire, but should be determined by technician for variance)
  3. White wire should be joined with W2 or the second stage heat terminal (typically with other white wire, but should be determined by technician for variance)

---Installation of wiring is most commonly done color to color; but in some cases it may be necessary to trace wiring to terminals in the thermostat or air handler. This will insure proper installation only if the installer understands the purpose of each wire/terminal of the Maximizer and the heat pump on which it's being installed. Typical installation takes 5 minutes or less for a trained installer and Atlas Controls does offer tech support and installer training. Just a few simple steps, no high voltage wiring and reliable tech support makes the Heat Pump Maximizer the best, reliable solution to the heat pump's shortcomings. Of course, all Maximizer units come with a 100% guarantee.



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